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Age Limit

To use this site, the user should be at least of 18 years plus. The person using website/service below 18 years is void, and if we get to know the age of the user is below 18, we will immediately terminate the services or suspend the account of the user without any prior notice and we won’t be answerable for the same.

Right to Change the Terms & condition

Please note that we reserve the right to change these Terms at any time upon notice. We may give notice by posting updated terms and conditions on the website, sending you a email or notification, or by any other reasonable means. You (customer) can review the most current version of Terms at any time. The updated Terms and condition are binding on you (customer) on the effective date indicated in the updated Terms. If you do not agree to the updated Terms, you (customer) must stop using the Site and if, you have an Account, terminate it before the effective date. Your (customer) continued use of the Site after the effective date will constitute your acceptance of the updated Terms. You (customer) agree that you (customer) will periodically return to the Site and review the Terms and condition to ensure that you (customer) are familiar with the most current terms and conditions.

Promotion and advertising

You (customer) can use the services whenever it is available. We do not guarantee the availability of service every time or any particular feature. Any particular feature/service may be a pre-released beta version and may be it won’t work correctly. We have the complete right to change the beta version, it is completely our decision whether to release the latest update or not. We have the complete authority to change, remove, delete, restrict or block access to site, charge for, or restrict all or any part of the service/feature at any moment without any prior notice. Once you (customer) become our user and start taking our services, we have the right to post advertisements in your site which the user has made on our site, including but not limited to the following position: page header, page footer.


All the content is uploading/submissions by the users on the website. Only you (customer) are responsible for the damage. We strongly recommend you (customer) that they should upload the data which is created by them or have his or own copyrights, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to use, or distribute, reproduce or modify, adapt etc. . We don’t allow pornography, child pornography illegal , un licensed images , video , music file , software, hatred quote/message , vulgarity, and any type of un authorized material , linking to bad website or data (music , video, software, images , text, etc) on our any website service. You are not allowed to put/do un ethical activity on the website or server. Here you (customer) promising that you (customer) will not damage the reputation of the website (Persecond/ Parent site) and the third party. If we found this kind of material which violate our terms and conditions then we have full rights to terminate your service or take down the content and we will take the legal action against him/her.

Site Use

The site has unique features in which the user can easily communicate with us anytime and also with the other users. The user (customer) can use the website/service only to post, send and receive information and material that are appropriate and related to the purpose of the website and as per the law. The user has to accept the content terms. Along with all the terms and conditions, and all will be applicable in local, state, agency and national laws, rules and regulations. In case of any violation of the terms and conditions, we are wholly and solely free to take legal actions against the violators. User will agree to cooperate with us in investigating suspected violations by any user, unless applicable law prohibits us from requiring you to cooperate. Persecond reserve the right to re-design or implement features or, manage, and operate one or more service, monitoring, or other solutions to assist in identifying or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or a violation of our terms then without notice, Persecond will remove, block, filter or restrict by any means or materials or information that we consider to be actual or potential violations of the terms of Persecond or third party reputation.

Persecond User Account

Here you are bound with the condition that all the activity done through your account is up to you. You are completely responsible for everything. You are not going to share the login password to anyone. If you (customer) find that someone did the unauthorized access in your account. Please do contact us or we (Persecond) will consider that activity is done by you (customer). Mymicrosite.in is a part of Persecond , Where the main platform runs, Persecond has full rights to move that platform anytime. Although your data and details are save with us. Your (customer) All data and identity is save with us (Refer to privacy policy).


You (customer) hereby agree to defend, indemnify, and hold us, our employees, directors and suppliers harmless and will keep them save form legal action from any third party claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, relating to or arising from (a) any Submission made by you (customer) or submitted, posted, originating from, or otherwise made available under your Account (refer to SITE USE) (b) your use of the website/service and Content; (c) any violation by you of these Terms or (d) your violation of any another party’s rights or applicable law.

DMCA / Abuse

Refer to the DMCA Policy.

We recommended you to always check the t&c and privacy policy pages. We have full right to change the t&c anytime without any prior notice.

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